Calvin Woodland Sr. Foundation
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 Program Director

Mary “Tywannda” Blount currently works as the Director of the Calvin Woodland Sr. Foundation, where she helps develop programs to help inner-city youths as well as families in Ward 8 and surrounding areas. Mrs. Blount has chosen to share her experience, strength and hope with youths and their families and her motto has been
if you help one and that one helps one then we have made a difference.”

Mrs. Blount is
a retired federal employee from Dept. of Army with over 30 years of service. She is a native Washingtonian, reared in Ward 8 and surrounding areas and has worked tirelessly with youth and their families. 

  She is a wife/mother/grandmother and has reared several other children. She is an active member of her church and she helped initiate the Addiction Ministry at her church and help recovering addicts daily throughout Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas.

Community Cornerstones Awards
August 2015 Recipient Thank you Ms. Blount for being there for so many Ward 8 children and families.

Asst. Director

Charles Johnson currently works as Asst. Director, where he has dedicated his life to helping inter-city youth  while mentoring young men on the pitfalls of drugs, jails, and institutions.

Mr. Johnson is a Washingtonian and has lived in Ward 8 for over 50 years.  Mr. Johnson helped establish the Calvin Woodland Sr. Foundation(CWSF) in 2000 after the death of his friend and mentor
(Calvin, Sr.) 

He continues to work with the CWSF daily always eagar to see progress with the youth of Ward 8 and surrounding areas.

Asst. Program Director

Devonaline Yates a native Washingtonian, married with two children and five grandchildren.  I have worked in the beauty industries for over 40 years, where I help women to not only look better, but feel better about themselves.  Being a teen mom, and knowing how hard it was.  I have devoted my time and attention to helping young girls to not follow that path.  I am dedicated to helping youths discover a better quality of life, through nurturing, while encouraging them to higher education.

I am a hard worker for my church, where I am an active choir member, and teach and head the discipleship ministries. It has been a privilege to work with the Calvin Woodland Foundation for the past two years, where not only was I able to help encourage and uplift the children, but where the children encourage me to give more of myself to others.

Youth Coordinator

Vernessa Richardson is the eldest of nine siblings.  She attended DC public school and has lived in the metropolitan area for over Fifty (50) years.   She is married to Reverend James E. Richardson and she has four children and six grandchildren.
I look for ways to give back to the community, I volunteer at VA medical center all the while continuing to gain as  much education as possible.  I am also a certified nurse asst. and I am dedicated and a hard worker.

I have worked in Montgomery county school system as a Para professional with autistic children. I teach vacation bible school and I am also a devoted choir member at my church.  I have also taught new members classes through my church and have gone through many years of training under my pastor.  I am looking forward to working with Calvin Woodland Sr. Foundation where I hope to continue to better lives of young children.

Morgan Rawlings, Sec.
Morgan is a sophomore at Morgan State University studying Engineering.  Morgan continues to serve us whenever able by phone, and text when needed.  


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